Noise Cancelling Airpods:Cutting Out The Noise

noise cancelling airpods

noise cancelling airpods

If you’ve been wondering about how to turn on noise cancelling on your AirPods, there are a few different ways to go about it, from a hands-free option to doing it on your phone. Whether you like talking to Siri or you just want to turn on the noise cancelling while you’re on the go without fumbling around on a phone screen, here are all the ways you can turn on the noise cancelling on AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, as well as other ways to use noise control features. We will also discuss active noise cancellation and transparency mode.

Active Noise Cancellation:

With Active Noise Cancellation, an outward-facing microphone or microphones detect external sounds, which your AirPods Pro (1st or 2nd generation) or AirPods Max then counter with anti-noise, canceling the external sounds before you hear them. An inward-facing microphone listens inside your ear for unwanted internal sounds, which your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max also counter with anti-noise.

Transparency mode:

Transparency mode lets outside sound in, so you can hear what’s going on around you. Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode work best when your AirPods Pro fit well.

How to turn on  noise cancelling on AirPods Pro

noise cancelling airpods

On your AirPods Pro, press and hold the sensor on the stem of one of the earbuds until you hear a chime. This will switch between noise cancelling and transparency mode. You can’t turn off noise control entirely with this method, but the other methods will surly help you out.

How to turn on the noise-cancelling on AirPods Max

noise cancelling airpods

To turn on the noise cancelling from your AirPods Max, press the button on the right ear cup toward the front, and you’ll toggle between noise cancelling and transparency mode. This is the flat silver button opposite the digital crown.

Switch between noise-control modes on your iPhone or iPad Open Control Center on your iOS or iPadOS device

noise cancelling airpods

  • Open Control Center on your iOS or iPadOS device.
  • While wearing your AirPods Max or both AirPods, touch and hold the volume slider until you see the additional controls.
  • Tap the Noise Control icon in the lower-left corner.
  • Tap Noise Cancellation, Transparency, or Off.
You can also customize and switch between noise-control modes from Settings:
  • While wearing your AirPods Max or both AirPods and connected to your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  • Tap the More Info button next to your AirPods name in the list of devices.
  • Under Noise Control you can find switch buttons of noise-control modes, tap Noise Cancellation, Transparency, or Off.

noise cancelling airpods

How to turn on the noise cancelling Airpods from Siri

For those who prefer a hands-free solution to everything, you’re in luck. You can do just about any command with Siri, including toggling noise controls.

Turning on noise cancelling using Siri is as easy as any other Siri command. Just say “Hey Siri, turn on noise cancelling,” and you’re set. If you want to turn it off, or turn on transparency, just ask for that and your wish will be granted.

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